We've been making some changes.

As you can see, we've been unactive for awhile.. I've been busy editing etc. But hopefully I'll have the time to complete this fansite. I'll be making some changes with the design... and still looking for admins that could help me. Which could take quite awhile. If anyone wanted to contact me you can either contact me by Taylor Connect or the contact page on this site! Well I hope this info was helpful in some way. But if you read this, thanks it means a lot. And enjoy! :)


This picture is some of Taylor's old & new singles.




We are looking for moderators, admins shortly. We'll be making a thread on Taylor Connect for more information about this.. We'll looking for a swiftie who we could trust and is good doing (CSS + HTML experienced.) I'm good at doing both, but I'm too busy :( If anyone out there is good at doing both. Let me know. -Thanks.

First Taylor Picture!

We're nearly done!!!

We just want everyone to know that we're almost done! This seem's so exciting for us to welcome all! I may of not been on TC lately as this site took me days. But the good part is that I've finally made a Fansite for Taylor Swift in the meantime I may need some swifties to help me update it. As I'm doing study work soon, It's hard for me to update this as well. Hope people understand my situation. Well, thanks for reading this. And hopefully, we''ll have an links page + a volunteer pagefor others to join us! Feel welcome to sign up!

-(TC - Breathinginsnowflakes13)


First Blog ever. Well, we welcome you all to this website, It may look unfinished because we just not long ago made it. I'll still be updating etc and blogging on here. And it would be nice and appreciative if you guys, came and checked this website out!! so thanks for coming and enjoy!

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